Startupbootcamp x Budgently

Hi folks!! 👋

Already three weeks ago we started with the Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity program, where we collaborate with mentors, partners and investors from the industry. Check out our story!

Managing personal finances seems challenging to many young people (we felt we had this problem too, that’s why this all started 😂). On the daily basis, we have to make small and big decisions on how to spend our money. The distrust of banks and desire for independence may lead to a dangerous “spend today, worry about it tomorrow” or an even worse ‘’f* it’’ attitude.

‘’We are working on a personal finance assistant that helps millennials make better financial decisions.’’

Budgently is money management app that provides realtime overview of how much $$$$ you can safely spend each day, week or month. We want to help improve financial behavior (easy and fast) and will add more features to help you spend more money on things you love.

‘’We want to support people without taking their independence or privacy.’’

By the end of the program, we want to do an experiment with at least one financial institution. But we are looking way ahead! We know that our company journey only begins after Demo Day. And of course, we also expect failure and success that will help us grow.

Danny Mulders
Founder / CEO

Automate your money and be free. Our mission is to help people spend money on things they love.