Drapes are out of Style: Fact or Myth?

At Budget Blinds of Athens, we sell a wide variety of window coverings.

Though we are often known for our blinds, we also carry other high quality products including shades, shutters, and, you guessed it, drapes.

When you think of drapes, what do you think of? Do you think of those deep red and gold ones that were trendy back in the nineteenth century?

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Or how about those short plaid ones they had at your favorite childhood restaurant that was built in the fifties?

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The truth is, we all have different views when it comes to drapes, but sometimes we forget about the recent modifications of these truly timeless window coverings, which is exactly what we would like to remind you of.

In 2017, it seems there are more options for drapes than ever before.

For example, try using white drapes to brighten up a room and add a sense of coziness, which would otherwise be difficult in a room full of white!

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Or, step out on a limb (get it?) and add some pattern, such as these palm leaf drapes, to liven up a simple space.

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Or for a modern, dramatic touch, add floor to ceiling drapes in a room with extremely high ceilings.

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of these window coverings in the modern era.

If you were blown away by these gorgeous examples, be sure and check out our Instagram page by clicking the link below for examples of our very own drapery installs!

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