Yes, the WNBA Pay Gap is a Real Thing
Al Neal

I am a total supporter of pay and advancement being ONLY based on aptitude and ability, but let’s not try to fool ourselves that this is the case in sport. In most sports, as yet, men still outperform. It may be an inconvenient truth, but it’s fact.

How about, instead of all the argument about gender pay-gap, they scrap all gender division in sport? Everyone, regardless of sex, can play in any sport. If you’re good enough, you get paid the going rate.

One football league, soccer league baseball, basketball, athletics, rugby, boxing, tennis, swimming. All of it.

Let’s see how keen all of the women sportspeople are when it comes down to a pure assessment of ability versus another human, not just their own sex.

If the best, in any sport, is a woman, that’s how she should be paid. If a man cannot perform at the level in any sport, he should not.

If you want equality, you can’t say ‘I only want equality, as long as I don’t have to compete directly for it and I’m only going against those I can possibly beat, who are a different sex’.

Business, IT, acting, inventing, art, literature, etc are all far more level playing fields and there is no excuse for pay-gaps there, but sport really Is different and cannot, or should not be assessed that way.