Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, Tokens, ICOs: Why should anyone care?
Preethi Kasireddy

Excellent article Preethi Kasireddy!

One thing we’re all trying to answer from an investment standpoint is which cryptoassets have the strongest foundation for long-term growth.

Your overview of the different protocols and how tokens interlink, and how specific decentralized protocols can enable the creation of different dApps is very useful.

The success of a dApp which employs a specific decentralized protocol could increase the utility of other applications utilizing that decentralized protocol, which is where the real network value lies.

I think we’re quite a while off from a “killer dApp” being made however the positive side to the ICO bubble is how it’s driving public and developer interest — even if for the speculative gains. If this leads to more development then the rate at which a “killer dApp” is going to arrive is expedited. And once it’s here the floodgates will open to more adoption and development.

An important question I’m left with is whether most applications are going to find a 10x better decentralized substitute in the long haul, or whether some things are better left centralized.

I suppose the first widely adopted decentralized use-cases are going to be the ones that solve the most critical problems, such as the store of value / medium of exchange utility of Bitcoin for the unbanked and those living in volatile regulatory environments, as well as immutable ledgers for intellectual property, identity and ownership.

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