Why does buying Instagram followers help?

Budi C
Budi C
Apr 19, 2019 · 2 min read

It would be great if you could buy real followers, but the truth is, you can’t. Whoever promises you delivery of real IG followers, he is lying. You will end up with bunch of fake followers that won’t interact with your content and your profile will look awful.

Here are some ways that you can apply to get real and engaging followers:

1. Hard way: do everything manually.

  • Follow users:

Find big accounts in your niche and follow their followers, they’ll get notification from you, check out your profile and eventually follow you back.

  • Post great content and correct hashtags:

This can be hard task. You can have the best content in the world but there’s no use of it if nobody sees it. So, along with the great content, you have to provide correct (highly related) hashtags for your posts. This is done for a simple reason: Instagram users search IG posts by hashtags a lot and if you add hashtags to your posts description, they’ll find it when searching for mentioned hashtag.

The thing is, if you use too popular hashtag, your post will get burried under new posts with that hashtag and nobody will notice it, you’ll get couple of likes and it will disappear. That being said, you have to do hashtag research on your niche. Find low and medium popularity hashtags, those that have about 10 000–50 000 posts, use 10–20 of those hashtags in your posts and find 5–10 highly popular hashtags — those that have more than 100K posts and add them too. You can add up to 30 hashtags along with one post.

This way you’ll get likes and comments from users who are searching for less popular hashtags and eventually get into top hashtags section for medium and highly popular hashtags. When you accomplish this, followers will keep coming on it’s own.

2. Easy way: automate everything

  • There are site services that you can use to automate stuff on IG and grow your account literally while sleeping. This includes following, unfollowing, liking, commenting, posting — all on auto. Since people tend to give back the favor, especially on social networks, when you follow someone, they’ll follow you back, when you like their pic, they’ll like back and so on. This way you’ll get higher engagement, exposure, more followers.

Currently, the best, most complete and awesome site to buy instagram followers is https://socialmediapanel.com

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