The Journey that I am living

the evolution to be expected :)

Hi, just wanted to share my story from my point of view. Dont judge me, you can read or close it.

So, Im 22, still young and wild, hungry of knowledge and experiences.
I really start my journey when I decided to go to Telkom University. I was born and raised in Ubud, Bali. While many of my friends dont want to study outside Bali, I am doing the opposite. The truth is I know it will be hard from the beginning, but lets just face it and get through it.

Hmmm, lets just say that I lucky enough to get the chance to finish my college in 3.5 years (August 2014–January 2018) and graduated in March 2018. It gives me 6 month to “waste” in the real world.

Moving to the next chapter of my journey, after applying for job everywhere, I got the chance to join as trainee in biggest telecommunication provider in Indonesia. Its not easy but as my friend told me “If you encounter many obstacles during your recruitment, it might just a sign for you to push it a little harder so that the door will open”. Long story short, 6 month goes by, I pass the trainee program and got offered a full-time employee.

Maybe for some people at my age, that is the settlement they looking for to start building life. But, I think when I still young and dont have any dependents, I should learn and getting as much experience as I can in Software Engineering field. So, yes; I cant accept the offer.

Stop right there. I know it, I never said that I am not grateful, I am totally grateful for that chance but I know that I just cant.

So my ship bring me to my next journey. The one that I’ve wanted for, a bootcamp to become A Software Engineer. A free 6 month bootcamp program at GO-JEK. For me, I may called it lucky :)
At first it is hard to explain to my parents, why taking this bootcamp while the full-time employment contract are on the table. Thankfully they support whatever decision that I make and this is my one in a lifetime chance, so I am taking it, no need to think twice.

The truth is I also know that this will be more harder than my prior journey but I am still taking it. Why? Cause I realize that there is a price that I have to pay to get the knowledge and experience that I am looking for.

Its been 3 days since the program started, you know what? I am amazed of how the coaches and our buddy from GO-ACADEMY take care of the 12 of us.
You wont find any open environment like this, no one is judging you; you can ask any questions you want; you can make any mistake and its OK; you can give feedback as you like! Awesome right?

Lets see what I will become after this 6 month bootcamp program compared to my previous self. Ah, remember guys, dont compare yourself to other people, compare your self to your previous self.

So, dont let other people living our life, it must be us; while we still young dont look for comfortable, we have to learn & get as much experiences as we can and last, See ya.