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Here’s the hard truth: It takes me less than 2 minutes to decide whether I want to interview the candidate or not.

As a Head of Design, I review hundreds of candidates every week.

Most of the time, I will reject candidates without a portfolio in any format. With only resume, I have nothing to assess the candidate.

Throughout that process, I only think about one question: Can I imagine this candidate work for the opening role we have?

Write down the narrative of your project.

Why you started this project? Is it because the executive told you to do so? Why do they think it’s a good idea? Is there any evidence to support their argument?

By writing, you’re making sense of things.

You might feel you know so little about the project after you write. This is great because you started to realize what’s clear and unclear about this project. Writing helps you articulate. Therefore, increase the clarity in your project.

As a starter, try this:

  • Why did your team start it in the first place?
  • Who…

Enable system users to contribute to the design systems

How can we encourage people to contribute to design systems? That was a big question we had last year.

In 2019, two months after we launched our design system; Bazaar. I felt disappointed. We have 50+ designers and 800+ engineers who constantly deliver a new product or improvement, yet, no one contributes to design systems. Without meaningful contributions from the system user, the system is stuck in the idle mode and won’t evolve.

Without meaningful contributions from the system user, the system is stuck in the idle mode.

Low contributions meaning… low inputs for design systems.
Low inputs meaning… fewer improvements.
This slows down the evolution of the design language.

Human talk, not system talk

We were curious. We listed down questions and assumptions…

A small step to manage the discussion and misalignment at scale

In the past 2 months, I’ve been experimenting on how to break silos and build alignment in the team using Design Thinking that we adapted to our context and condition. I hope by sharing this, it can inspire some of you in the same situation as me. So, here it goes:

Animation I created on ProCreate

“Ugh…”, a Design Manager sigh. I can’t help but ask, “What’s up?”
She turns to me, “Everything is a mess. I spent 2 hours of meetings and basically, my team is back to square one because everyone has their own opinions.”
Phew, what a stressful situation!

From a hunch to an observation

Immediately I thought…

First peek of Bazaar — Bukalapak’s design system

In November 2018, I joined Bukalapak. Almost immediately after, we initiated a project to develop a new design system with me as the lead. The goal was to improve our product development approach to enable our 50+ teams in the company in a more scalable and efficient way.

In June 2019, after 6 months of working, we reached our first milestone; we launched an internal design system documentation site. We call our design system Bazaar.

Re-fresh our foundation to create the cohesive product experience

As our product portfolio and team continue to grow, we need to be more intentional about our design decisions. In a large-scale environment like Bukalapak, it will be important for us to increasingly focus on collaboration and efficiency. In order to do that in a managed, controlled way, we need a set of principles to enable that to happen.

How could one make a “good” principles for the rest of the company? Well, you don’t. A collaborative process is vital.

The process of defining our team’s core principles

Knowing that principles can lead to an abstract and vague conversation, it’s indeed a challenging task. So, how could one…

My early review on the early access.

Okay, I’m not a typical early adopter.
Whenever new tools arrive at the market, my reaction will be “ugh, Another one?!”. As a matter of fact, I started to use Sketch 8 months ago 🙀.

Same reaction when I saw InVision Studio. Last week when I got my early invite, I decided to play around. Turned out I’m pretty amazed. Just within 2 hours, I can come up with this from scratch (yes, including the animation)

my Dribbble

What’s great about it?

1. Easy to transition from Sketch

I think InVision did a great strategy to make sure you can transition from Sketch easily. …

Recently, I started Ask Budi; it is a mini-series where I answer questions I often get from other designers about my process and work. This is a scalable way for me to share my answer rather than answering the questions individually.

Hi, Budi,I am struggling to optimize my time. Do you have any tips on how can I get better at managing my time as a designer?Antony

Either you work full-time or freelance, time management is an essential skill to have as a designer. It’ll help you increase your productivity and be able to deliver the project on time.

Hi, Antony,

Managing time ain’t always an intuitive thing for everyone, I was struggling too at the beginning of my career and I believe a lot of people does in the…

Behind the scene of Yahoo’s PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics icons

You may have watched some Winter Olympics games that are happening in PyeongChang. I had a chance to work together with Yahoo to create their own version of the icon that they’re using on their platform now and I’m happy to be able to share my process a bit.

Oh, by the way, PyeongChang has their own awesome icon set — However, Yahoo decided to create their own set because they need the icon works in the small size (I’m talking 20px here).

Get to know the sports

Grew up without snow whatsoever, all my life, I have no clue about winter sports. 🤡 Let…

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