Will InVision Studio streamline your product design process?

My early review on the early access.

Okay, I’m not a typical early adopter.
Whenever new tools arrive at the market, my reaction will be “ugh, Another one?!”. As a matter of fact, I started to use Sketch 8 months ago 🙀.

Same reaction when I saw InVision Studio. Last week when I got my early invite, I decided to play around. Turned out I’m pretty amazed. Just within 2 hours, I can come up with this from scratch (yes, including the animation)

my Dribbble

What’s great about it?

1. Easy to transition from Sketch

I think InVision did a great strategy to make sure you can transition from Sketch easily. You can pick up where you left by opening your Sketch file right to Studio.

If you used Sketch before, the interface and experience feel similar. That being said, the learning curve is very low. I can use it right away without a need of a tutorial.

It will detect the recent opened file from your Sketch

2. Cheaper Interface animation in one window

Normally, if I want to make animation, I have to switch back and forth from Sketch to After Effects or FramerJS.

I can see Studio will save me tons of times from switching back and forth from Sketch to After Effects. More importantly, when the revision needed, it significantly saves my time.

Did I mention they have timeline? Pretty great, right?

3. Magic animation

When I try to create interface animation in the Studio, it feels like using Keynote’s Magic Move but in an advance way. It’s simple as 1,2,3:

  1. Duplicate your existing artboard
  2. Move objects around
  3. Viola!

4. Preview on your phone?! Cheaper user testing

It is currently quite laggy if you have complex composition. If they can pull this off, I can see this will help a lot in production line:

  • Designer can quickly validate/test their ideas cheaper.
  • Get a feeling of overall animation in the early process.
  • Designer can integrate motion into their early exploration.

5. Dark and light theme. What?!

Yeah, I‘m with you dark interface. In Sketch eco-system, people created a plugin to make Sketch with a dark theme. In InVision Studio, on the other hand, it comes in the default app.

neat, eh?

6. Responsive artboard

I am not 100% sure yet how it works, there is no documentation about this specifically. Sometimes it works like I expected, but not all the time; which probably has anything to do with my limited knowledge about this feature.

What’s missing?

1. I’m hoping a better timeline interface

I hope there is some sort of shortcut that can make timeline editing much efficient and easier. Currently, I have to drag and position everything manually. Or have I missed the shortcut? If anyone knows, comment below.

2. Laggy animation preview

When my composition has complex keyframes, the preview will be so laggy. On the positive note: seems like they aware of this and gonna improve the performance.

3. Some small things:

  • ⌘+D is only duplicate selected object but not repeat the last action.
  • Sometimes, the cursor is not indicating the right tool I selected.
  • Press 00 is not give me 0% opacity.
  • In some cases, pressing alt/option not always give me the measurement.
  • I don’t see Symbol overrides thing. 🤔
  • No shortcut for fill and stroke.

Closing thought: Great potential for screen design

I think what’s great about InVision Studio is how it could improve your workflow and reduce the effort to create motion within the single cohesive application.

Note for designers: Fundamental over tool

I know this article may highlight cool feature and benefit for you to use this tool.

However, I still a firm believer if the tool itself won’t make you a better designer, it will make your work much easier tho. Learn the fundamentals and understanding the basic is what will make you a better one.