Landfills: Untapped renewable energy and climate change bane.

Just moments ago Dusty walked into the mammoth concrete building with a check in hand. He left beaming with the signed 6 year contract. To think just a few years before he was born, sometime during the 2030's ColossalMart would have paid him to haul away their wonderful refuse each month.

“One mans trash is another mans treasure” His boss had that mounted on his wall. For almost a century that truth went unrealized. Dusty stared out his the window of his Tesla SUV. The light shimmered off the aluminum cylinder. Below a ‘Waste to Methane’ truck unloaded it’s valuable cargo from the ColossalMart. Plastic covered rotting meat, vegetables and grains.

He marveled at the simple technology they used as robot arms picked through the refuse and sorted them onto different conveyor belts. The plastics led to the ‘re-petrolrification chamber’ while the rotting food led to the methane utilization power plant.

Thanks to Dusty ColossalMart received a monthly check for their refuse and LandfillPlant2109 would have enough refuse to power another 1000's homes this summer.

-bud leiser