Why I Am the Way I Am
Paulette Perhach

I find it very easy to remember both of my parents; not because they were “larger than life” in my mind, but because they were “life”. They were such good parents. They taught me; rather than doing for me.

I remember them because they remain “so much within me”. I catch myself doing things and approaching problems in the same way as my Dad did; because he still lives within me! I find myself treating others with kindness; just as my Mom did; perhaps because it is in my genes, but more so because she still lives within me.

And, Paulette, I still feel badly when I realize that I often fail to live up to Mom’s and Dad’s expectations of me. And I pray that, at least some of, my children will have these same thoughts, long after I am gone…

Thank you for such a wonderful, loving tribute to your father.