If you’re not sure why we’re protesting, read the Constitution
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

As every Supreme Court has held, Free speech may be limited by “Time”, “Place” and “Manner”. 
Also, as every Supreme Court has held, the Workplace belongs to the Employer, not to the workers. In the work place the Employer has the right to direct the workforce. Ergo the Unanimous Court has held there is no Right of Free Speech in the workplace! 
The Employees are being paid to work not agitate nor proselytize.
The Employees may not take over the workplace to achieve their goals other than completing their work.

Here is an ABA report on Free Speech in the Workplace:

You can protest in your home, in public places, on your own time. But in the Workplace, on you Employer’s time, you must work and keep you mouth shut.

“Time” “Place” and “Manner”, no Right is Absolute. No right you have may deny any right another person has. Your rights end at the tip of your nose.

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