An Open Letter to the Honorable Lamar Smith, Chairman, U.S.
Audra J. Wolfe

Climate change has ALWAYS happened. What this girl is speaking about is NOT Climate Change, but Man-made CO2 Greenhouse Gas Warming, which is scientifically impossible.
Next Monday Dec. 12, 2016 in California District Court, Los Angeles, Dept 77, will be head the Default hearing in MASTERS vs THE YOUNG TURKS, LLC. The Young Turks held a contest offering $20,000 to any person who cold convince their scientific adviser that Man Made CO2 Greenhouse Gas warming was NOT happening. Their man would rebut or accept any paper put forth for the challenge. IN January 2015 I put forth my argument pointing out that the Stefan-Boltzmann Law made CO2 Greenhouse Gas warming impossible. Their Scientific Adviser refused to rebut nor accept. Instead he refused to say anything. I filed suit, and they refused to answer the suit defaulting in the case. Automatic win for me! Why did they not fight? You have to ask them, but it is probably because they would have lost and set a legal precedent, which they did not want to do. So what is the argument they are so afraid of?

According to them, the Sun’s heat warms the Earth’s surface, in response the Earth emits heat out. The Greenhouse gases (GHGs), and water vapor in the air absorb some of this (just over 61 watts per meter according to NASA satellite and ground station measurements), and send it back to the earth. This backscatter radiation is added tot he incoming Sun heat raising the temperature of the Earth. More CO2, they say, will increase the amount of heat that gets “trapped” in by the GHGs. The problem is, it is impossible.

The Sun’s heat must first pass through the GHGs to get to the Earth’s surface to warm it. More CO2 will block out more incoming Sun heat, cooling the Earth not warming it. Currently just over 62% of the Sun’s heat that reaches the outer atmosphere is absorbed by the GHGs and water vapor and sent back out into space. This keeps the Earth from reaching 250 degrees Fahrenheit like the Moon does with no atmosphere to protect it. Our Earth is a nice 79.1 degrees. If yo increase the GHGs in the atmosphere then more molecules of GHGs will be able to absorb more incoming Sun heat blocking out even more Sun heat than it does now. If you double the number of GHG molecules, then common sense tells you, they will block out twice as many incoming Sun Infrared photons than they do now. While four times as many will block out four time as many as are done now.

Now, the amount of heat given off by the Earth is determined by, you guessed it, The Stefan-Boltzmann law. This Law tells us that the amount of heat given off by any body is equal to the absolute temperature of the body taken to its 4th power multiplied by its emissivity and the Stefan Constant. Becaused the temperature is taken to the 4th power of the temperature, any change up or down in that temperature will create a much bigger change in the amount of radiation emitted by the body. If we add so much CO2 to the air that we block out enough Sun heat to lower the absolute temperature of the Earth by 1%, then the Stefan-Boltzmann Law tells us the amount of radiation emitted by the Earth will fall by -4%. While the air is 1% more insulating, the outgoing heat falls by -4% so you get a Net drop in the Greenhouse Effect (GHE)of -3% (-4%+ 1% = -3%. A 2% drop will lower the GHE by -14% (-16% + 2% = -14%). Because the amount of emitted radiation is a Fourth Power of temperature, it is impossible to increase the GHE by adding more CO2, more CO2 will reduce the amount of Sun heat that reaches the Earth.

In order to win their suit The Young Turks would have to prove the Stefan-Boltzmann Law is wrong or, prove that the Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t block out any of the Sun’s heat, neither of which is possible.

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