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Good God you are behind the times on this one. No one brings up that anymore. Let me see if I can find an old paper on this to paste here for you.

Found one:


The most common lie told by global warming advocates is that the Earth will become like Venus if we continue to put CO2 into the atmosphere, it will be incredibly hot they say, because Venus is!!!

In Part 1 I argue that that it is impossible! It’s impossible for Venus to be hot, it has a 95% CO2 atmosphere, and not just that, but it is 50 kilometers thick. Over 5 times the thickness of the Earth’s Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere.

THAT much CO2 will almost completely block out the sun itself!!! So how can Venus be hot?

To find out let’s look at Venus and see if its 50km thick atmosphere of insulating CO2 gas is cooling or heating the planets surface shall we?

According to NASA’s web site]

Venus’ has a surface temperature of 864 degrees Fahrenheit [F] (462 degrees Celcius [C], 735 degrees Kelvin[K]).


According the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association web site


the average temperature of the Earth in 2013 was 57.2 degrees F (14 degrees C, 287 degrees K).

I seem to be wrong don’t I? Venus is much hotter than the Earth, when I said it should be much colder because all that CO2 would insulate the planet’s surface from the Sun’s much greater heat at only 2/3rds the distance of the Earth from the sun.

Boy do I feel dumb!

Or…maybe I don’t.

Well now, the title of this second part does mention “fraud by omission”. That means that someone isn’t telling you everything you need to know to understand that you are being lied to, defrauded.

Do you remember leaning in high school science a little law know as GAY-LUSSAC’S LAW? You might have learned it as the PRESSURE TEMPERATURE LAW when you were learning about how the Barometer works.

It tells us that pressure and temperature are directly related. Any change in one creates an identical change in the other.

This relationship was discovered by the French Chemist/Scientist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, he published his findings 1702.

In short it tells us that there are TWO TYPES OF HEAT. One is temperate heat. Heat from the sun or a fire. While the other is Pressure heat. Heat created by compressing a gas, like in a Diesel engine.

Heat and Pressure are in fact… the same thing! They are measures of the amount of Kinetic Energy in a gas.

You can increase the Kinetic energy of a gas by :

1. Compressing it into a smaller space, or 
2, By burning a fuel and heating it.

When we are speaking of man made global warming, we aren’t speaking about Pressure Heat, we are talking about temperate heat from the Sun.

How does the concept of Pressure Heat apply to Venus? It is how they are lying!

The Earth’s atmospheric pressure is 1 atmosphere (atm).
Venus however, has an atmospheric pressure of 90 atms! Ninety times greater than the Earth.

That’s a lot of Pressure heat!

So if we are to know the Solar Temperate Heat of Venus, we need to remove all that Pressure heat. Thankfully, Gay-Lussac drew up the formula for doing just that, it is this:

P1/T1 = P2/T2.

This says that the Starting Pressure (P1) [in atmospheres] divided by the starting Temperature (T1) [in degrees Kelvin] is equal to the ending Pressure (P2), divided by the ending Temperature (T2).

If you prefer multiplication to fractions it is written this way:

P1 x T2 = P2 x T1

The starting Pressure times the ending Temperature is equal to the ending Pressure times the Starting Temperature.

Makes perfect since… right?

So, let’s do the math and find out if I’m lying, or the climate changers are lying?

We want to know the temperature of Venus at 1 atm like the Earth. So we are looking for T2, the ending temperature at the lower pressure of 1 atm. We need to rewrite the formula to find the ending temperature T2 of Venus which looks like this:

T2 = (P2T1)/P1.

We just moved P1 to the left side of the formula, which reversed the multiplication to division. Now we put in the numbers which looks like this:

T2 = (1atm x 735K)/90atm

1 times 735 = 735. 
735 divided by 90 is 8.166666K.

So T2 = 8.166666K which is -264.983334 degrees C, or -444.969994 degrees F!

Well looky here. When we remove all of Venus’ Pressure Heat, the Solar Temperate Heat from the Sun is MINUS (-)444.969994 degrees Fahrenheit.

Isn’t the average temperature of the Earth 57.2 degrees F? Isn’t that warmer than (-)444.969994 degrees F?

I think it is!


It will block out almost all the heat from the Sun and turn the Earth into an ice cube!


Don’t trust me, nice people lie too. Verify I’m telling you the truth. Google Gay-Lussac’s law and make sure I didn’t cheat. Get the temperature and pressure of Earth and Venus, then do the math yourself, you’ve a calculator and computer use them. Chumps trust people, Verify everything you are told, don’t be lazy.

And if you want to really be surprised, do the math to find out the Earth’s temperature at 90 atms? That will open your eyes to what hot really is like. The starting temperature of Earth is 57.2 degrees F (14 degrees C, 287 degrees K). so the formula with number will look like this:
T2 = (90 atm x 287 K)/1 atm.

Did you get 25,830 K too.

That is equal to 46,034.6 F.

That is how hot the Earth would be with the same atmospheric pressure of Venus.

And now you know.

You NEED to know Physics.

Do the math yourself, don’t trust, verify!

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