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Isn’t that odd, I just got he notification from the EPA that they received my Summon and Complaint in MASTERS v OBAMA U.S Dist. Court, Central District of California, Western Division. CV17–05523 , which alleges the EPA is lying when it claims that CO2 warms the Earth. 
Yes CO2 does help keep in heat, but it also absorbs incoming Sun heat, and keeps 2/3rds of it from reaching the Earth. The Moon has no atmosphere an is 250 degrees each day. The Earth is only 71.9 degrees, because most of the Sun’s heat is absorbed by the atmosphere as NASA says at its web site on Infrared Astronomy here:

“Most of the infrared light coming to us from the Universe is absorbed by water vapor and carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Only in a few narrow wavelength ranges, can infrared light make it through (at least partially) to a ground based infrared telescope.”

More CO2 is claimed by the EPA, and others named in the law suit, to warm the Earth, but that is impossible. Nature places the CO2 level at tis balancing point. That point where the CO2 supplies the greatest warming relative to its cooling effect. As more CO2 will absorb more of the incoming Sun heat and block it from reaching the earth, the Earth gets less heat coming in which means the Earth gets less heat overall. Less heat in means less heat out. With less heat going out, the Greenhouse Effect has less heat to keep in and so the GHE falls.

The suit claims Constructive Fraud is being committed by government officials, who are required by their Fiduciary duty to give True and Faithful Service, meaning no lying, and they are.

The full complaint can be read at this addy on Facebook:

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