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Physicist. Go on-line and read up on the Stefan-Boltzmann Law.

Or watch a video

Everyone in the World says CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas, that it absorbs Infrared (heat). The earth gets it heat fm the sun doesn’t it?

The Universe sends us light at all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, most of this light does not reach us at ground level here on Earth. Why? Because we have an atmosphere which blocks out many types of radiation while letting other types through. Fortunately for life on Earth, our atmosphere blocks out harmful, high energy radiation like X-rays, gamma rays and most of the ultraviolet rays. It also block out most infrared radiation, as well as very low energy radio waves. On the other hand, our atmosphere lets visible light, most radio waves, and small wavelength ranges of infrared light through, allowing astronomers to view the Universe at these wavelengths.
Most of the infrared light coming to us from the Universe is absorbed by water vapor and carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.”

If more CO2 is added to the air, then it will absorb more incoming Sun heat, ergo, the atmosphere will get warmer and the Earth get cooler since that additionally absorb heat will not make it to the ground to warm the ground and be emitted out.

It is simple physics even you should be able to understand it.

The Greenhouse Effect heat is heat emitted by the Earth. If no Sun heat reaches the Earth then what will the temperature be?

On a cloud day, does it get warmer because the clouds are 100,000 times more insulating than CO2 is, or does it get cooler because clouds block out 100,000 times more of the Sun’s heat from reaching the ground than CO2 does?

It’s simple physics.

Don’t take my word for it, google Stefan-Boltzmann Law.

Google CO2. Does CO2 absorb IR? Is it blocking out the Sun’s heat?

Don’t trust me read up on CO2 and the Stefan-Boltzmann Law.

also, as far as Climatologists are concerned, I’ve found them irritatingly ignorant about Physics. I’ve been speaking to an award winning Climatologist about this. This is what he wrote about IR:

There is very little IR coming from the sun…look at the Planck curve for solar radiation.”

According to NASA satelleite and ground station measurements, IR is half of the sunlight reaching the Earth!!!! And yet this award winning Climatologist didn’t know that! He said that there is “very little” IR reaching the earth. Google it,

“How much of sunlight is Infrared at the surface of the Earth?”

read the cites you get.
how can a Man with a doctorate degree in Climatology not know this? He is not a Physicist, it isn’t really his field. He studies the climate system not the physical systems and quanta that make it work.

All scientist specialized in their field, they know very little about other scientific fields.