What you’ve done is to answer in your typical fashion.
Jim Leous

Regarding the cite you sent Did you read it?

Nowhere does it say that visible light warms the planet, which is what YOU ar saying.

AND the chart second from the bottom on the right shows the absorbtin of water vapor and CO2.

The chart that is my avatar and this NASA web site:

Show clearly that the Mid-IR (7–15 micrometers), is the primary heat arriving at the Earth’s surface. The atmosphere is only 20% efficient an insulator at those wavelengths. Meaning, the atmosphere can block only 20%, while 80% passes through to the Earths surface. The Earth’s emitted heat is primarily in the 10 to 15 micrometers . AS YOUR cite says in the chart at the bottom showng water vapor and CO2’s absorbtion bands:

Atmospheric gases only absorb some wavelengths of energy but are transparent to others. The absorption patterns of water vapor (blue peaks) and carbon dioxide (pink peaks) overlap in some wavelengths. Carbon dioxide is not as strong a greenhouse gas as water vapor, but it absorbs energy in wavelengths (12–15 micrometres) that water vapor does not, partially closing the “window” through which heat radiated by the surface would normally escape to space. (Illustration NASA, Robert Rohde)

Thus, YOUR cite says CO2 absorbs best at the Mid IR bands from 12–15 micrometers. Where Water vapor absorbs little.

This means that if we increase the CO2 in the atmosphere it will primarily absorb in the Mid-IR bands where the Earth gets most of its heat. Decreasing incoming Mid-IR heat cooling the Earth. Teh heat given off by the Earth will less Mid-IR heat getting in, will fall by the Forth Power of temperature while the insulating value of the Atmosphere at the Mid_IR bands will only increase mathematically, not geometrically. so the Greenhouse Effect will fall by more that is gained by the increase in insulating value at the Mid-IR wavebands.

You claim that Visible is changing into IR is unsupported. YOUR cite does not say this!

So where does and how does this cite support your believe that Visibel is turning into IR photons.

Please note the diagram on the right side of the article. That’s where sunlight is changed to IR.”

Where does it show this?
Why don’t you find a site that comes out and says the visible is change into IR. And explains how it is possible for a photon to change its wavelenght, and what happens to he extra energy that visible photons have, since IR phtons are far less energetic.

Stop dancing around your point and cite a Physics web page that say visible photons are being changed int IR photons. Shows me the math as to how it happens without violating the First Law of Thermo-dynamics and the Law of Conservation of Energy?

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