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The Murder of millions of black, intellectual opponents of Nazism and other minorities by Nazi Germany was real. AGW is ridiculous.

If you add more CO2 to the atmosphere that CO2 in the atmosphere will absorb more incoming Sun heat than it does now and scatter it out into space. CO2 is a greenhouse gas you know, it absorbs IR radiation. Currently the atmosphere blocks out 71.24% of the incoming Sun IR (Infrared) heat. More CO2 means the atmosphere will warm and the surface of the Earth will cool.

A cooler Earth will give off less heat according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law. This law tells us that the radiation given off by the Earth will fall at a rate equal to the FOURTH POWER of the temperature change. Ergo, the Greenhouse Effect will all, not rise, bu fall and make the Earth cooler.

More CO2 means the Earth gets less heat from the sun and less heat from the Greenhouse Effect.

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