(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

“What does opposition do that resistance doesn’t? It offers a positive agenda for a better social contract, embedded in institutional transformations. Like, for example, everything that Dems don’t ever propose: real universal healthcare, public media, public higher education, debt relief, real safety nets, and so on. A social contract — whole and full and true.”

Boy is this Brownie stupid.

American’s don’t want any of that. They want a good paying job that will allow them to own a home and send their kids to a good school. They want to know that their kids will have as good a life as they did. They want the American of their childhood, where in, their dad, a high school grad, earned a good wage and bought a home and raised a family. something the Average American thinks is no longer possible. Too many people in the U.S. fighting for fewer and fewer jobs. Banks, Corporations, and Politicians, all rich as the devil, who don’t care that the middle class is disappearing because they all have their money invested in a slave-labor camp in a 3rd world country that is making good for export to the U.S., at a cost that’s 3% of the cost to do it here.

This idiot should watch TRUPMLAND and pay attention, as it is clear he hasn’t been so far since being in my country.

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