I’m a liberal professor and my conservative students terrify me.
Jason McCormick

Will now, the Liberal is crying about a stupid liberal policy that says kids know things that are important. When I was at University Students thoughts on a Professor were of no importance, only whether he was a teacher who could teach his subject well and so produce an educated student body that impressed people when they left an got work in their fields. Kids know more than parents and Professors. If this Liberal is hoisted on his own petard by this stupid Liberal policy I say Terrific. Fire all of them. They created this stupidity, let us get rid of all of them and get back to facing the fact young people don’t know anything and need parents and Professors to tell them what is what in the world. When all the Liberals are gone form out teaching institutions then they will get back to teaching these kids instead of letting them run the colleges and universities and ruin education in America.

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