Peace, Be Still

Aug 10, 2016 · 3 min read

I do not know what circumstances you have or are in right now but I would like to share to you something that I’ve been learning: something that is both a struggle and a blessing, something that the Lord desires to teach those who choose to receive, believe, follow and pursue Him.

Frail and Finite
We are finite. We know of God’s sovereignty but only to an extent. We have our own plans and pictured futures however small or big they are. We have determined what we will do for tomorrow, the food that we will have for dinner, the clothes that we want to buy in the mall, the people that we want to hangout with during the weekends, and everything else that seem insignificant, but really, there is so much more to all of these.

God’s pursuit of us — of our hearts, minds, souls and strength — to belong to Him did not stop when we He called us to His salvation and family. The Father’s pursuit of us is a continuous process. He is not done yet with each of us. We are undone and perfection is in His hands.

Take It Easy
I am clueless about the future that God has set before me as with most of us. I do not know if I will be finishing completely the whole 2 years of studies in APTS. My plans were different before I came to this seminary, I was thinking of participating in Project Barnabas, a 1-year missions exposure, and my heart was set on that. I went here for a supposed 2-month equipping missions institute but ended up taking a 2-year programme.

There are a lot of instances wherein I have felt anxious and frustrated. Most of the time, it’s the pressing submission of requirements and the school fees. Our nature insists on acquiring understanding and reason and a secured certainty of provision and completeness. We always want to know what is ahead whenever such privilege is available, otherwise, we get distressed.

However, during one of the services at a church I attend up here in Baguio named BACC (Baguio Assembly City Church), the Lord gently and lovingly impressed upon my heart:

“Stay put in My process, child. Peace, be still.

This process we all are in is essential. And there’s a call to push through the crowd of distractions and busyness towards our Lord’s feet.

Photo from Arise Collective Website

I am as well reminded of Nathanael in John 1:29–51. He spent time under the fig tree and such act was common in their time.

It entailed solitude, a conducive setting for studying the Torah, for meditation, and for prayer. It’s a time for intimacy and personal connection.

We need to declare over our struggling souls to look unto the King who sits on the throne, to bless and praise His Name for His sovereignty over our lives and all our affairs. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is able, powerful, faithful, loving and full of grace. And He is the same God who we have and He has already won. We have been called to be a part of His great and unraveling story, and for this, we need to choose to wait on Him, rejoice and be grateful of all that He gives us.

May God find us faithful in this race as we choose to rest in His sovereignty while our Lord unfolds His story.


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"But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan." (C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle - 1995)

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