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The Practical Self Management Intensive 5 week journey it’s coming to an end. So I will try to look back for a moment and do some reflection to identify which were the things that made an impression on me, which are the learnings I will take forward, and also as a way of sharing my personal experience with others as I hope it might help them decide to take a similar journey towards a more purposeful and intentional life.

Who goes first? You go…

I would say the overarching umbrella of what I learned in the past weeks, and as I shared in my final reflection with the team last Friday, is that any shape or form of Self Management in any organisation or team, will have to always start with the courage, capacity and willingness to self manage yourself first.


Sebastian Bueno

Applying people centric design, and a bit of love, to build great organisational cultures and experiences at work (Org Design, Learning & Performance, Change)

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