Friends, Forgive My Wandering

Do you find yourself reading articles about far away places, thinking, “I wish I could go live there?” I do that too, except I’m stupid enough to go pursue it.

In the last 11 years I’ve had 11 different addresses — 1 in Oklahoma, 6 in San Francisco, 2 in London, 1 in Bulgaria, and 1 in Boston. On top of that, the last 5 years alone I’ve visited 19 countries and had to file for more stamp pages in my passport. My 2 year old has lived in more countries than most Americans have ever visited (3).

The world is more beautiful than I’d ever imagined, but the people are what make it so, which is why I’m here to ask forgiveness. When I was out there, I had no idea what I was doing, how many connections I was making, and subsequently how many of them I left in my wake. I was ignorant.

There is a price to roaming, and that price is waning friendship.

Over my travels, I’ve met some incredible people to whom I’ve said goodbye. It pains me to think I won’t grow old with some of them.

I want to drink whiskey at your kitchen table discussing real estate investments, enlightenment, and those damn vegans.

I want to play ping pong with you, specifically I want you to get better at it because it feels like I had the upper hand those last few matches.

I want to help you build your company, to celebrate with you at your rooftop parties, to see our kids play at the same Bulgarian school.

I want to stream video games with you on Twitch as the 30-somethings, to sit at Denny’s drinking the car oil they call coffee.

I want to split a bottle of Caduceus with you and complain how you get free cars.

I want to stay out all night telling jokes with you, laughing until the last train arrives.

All this weighs heavy on me. The glimpse I get of your life on messenger, emails, et all is hardly enough. It’s been so long it seems since I’ve seen you. I hope I haven’t changed much. I hope our magic hasn’t faded…

Do you find yourself reading articles about far away places, thinking, “I wish I could go live there?” Careful with that line of thinking. If you did, you might make some friends.


What if you did go live there?

Maybe that’s where we’ll meet.