Morning Contemplation 21 November 2016:

In my practice, there’s a lot of emphasis put on devotion, which could be a form of immense gratitude, that has a lot of vision in it. Devotion is remembering all those who worked so hard, who had the same pain that we do, the same difficult relationships, the same challenges — who never gave up. Because they never gave up they have been an inspiration for me. I see my story in theirs. Because they never gave up, because they kept climbing, because they found a way to live out loud — unleashed — I identify and realize that it’s possible to keep going and never give up. I feel devotion/gratitude for the countless beings who have walked before me — who have made it easier for me by sharing their experience, strength and hope. It is as though they hand down a lineage of gratitude, fearlessness, courage, joy and vision. (Inspiration from Awakening Loving-Kindness Pema Chodron)

I was talking on the phone this morning with my dear friend Jackie Wszalek. I felt such immense gratitude for the phone call — our Monday morning call! I had spend much of the morning feeling emotional, unclear what to write about, nothing sparking that flame of inspiration. While we were talking — we spoke of being unleashed.

Well that sparked! How many times have I worked to “contain” myself to fit in your box, your notion of how I should act and then fell caged by you — Oweee the reality is I choose that box, I choose that leash, I make the choice- conscious or unconscious to allow my desire to fit in with you, to be like by you to self select a box for me to pretzel myself into. I’m unbridled, I’m — as a friend recently identified — eccentric — unleashed. I’m good with that!

When I exist in gratitude, I am comfortable in my skin, I can appreciate all of me the aspects of my shadow and light. When i am me I can show up in a way that is true to me and be. Be without regret, be without needing to go back and make amends, be — just be.

In the early years, of my awakening process, it was inconceivable for me to believe/trust that your kindness, your love, your compassion was being extended to me without conditions. You were giving me all of this without wanting something in return? Really? — Seriously?

Today, I get it — there is such a joy deep in my heart space — it is Soul Juice to be able to have the capacity to extend a hand and offer to love you until you can love yourself, to say — I’m here — no strings — I do for you what was so kindly, compassionately done for me so many times over the years — I do for you as an expression of the deep gratitude I have for the life I get to live today — I do because I love the joy and freedom I get to experience. I do because I know the warmth permeating my heart that I never believed would ever be possible. I do because I can.

May we find a way to unleash the unbridled love we have within us and then just watch what happens!

Unbridle, unleashed- Shanti~ Yakusan