Soul Juice

I was talking with a friend yesterday afternoon and the topic of “spirituality” came up. A tough word for so many — in fact often times a turn off. She coined the term soul juice. So it has been bouncing around in my being today. What is soul juice — so many definitions, analogies can be drawn for Soul Juice. The easiest of course is- its the juice that feeds your soul! Its that experience, word, action drawing you deep into your essence. Soul Juice causes the pause — a moment of contemplation — reflection. An experience, that you suddenly see differently then you did seconds before.

Soul Juice — inspiration quotes, comments that cause you stop midsentence and say “ What did you say?” It’s listening to someone describe an experience and your head explodes and out of your mouth flies the words — Oh my gosh — that’s exactly what I’ve been going through-asthough they could read the thoughts cascading through your brain.-suddenly you awaken to a new reality or a shift in persepective.

Soul Juice are the comments on posts — the positive responses from folks — leading one to believe — someones world was positively influenced through an intention — followed by an action!

What is your Soul Juice?