4 Ways to Apply What You Learned Today at BBST Fort Worth

by Buffini & Company

Day one of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour: Fort Worth is in the books and was a resounding success. If you attended either in-person or viewed the live stream, you’re bursting with motivation and eager to put what you’ve learned to use. How can you put it all into action and make lasting changes in your business? Here’s how to get started:

1. Bridge the gap between technology and relationships. While technology can sure help your business, it’s not the major force that drives it. Your relationships drive your business and allow you to thrive in real estate. Take a look at how much time you’re devoting to your leads: relational, digital and conventional. If you’re spending your time and money online or on traditional advertising streams, refocus it on building your relationships with past and current clients. Get on the phone, deliver a Pop-By and remember to ask for referrals.

2. Take a page from Emmitt Smith’s playbook. The football icon shared his tips for success, including finding your passion, having a focus and committing to what you want to accomplish in life. What is your passion? What do you want to focus on? What do you hope to accomplish? When live by your passion, you’ll be able to endure any challenge.

3. Incorporate Brian’s three keys to success — Value, Benefit and Belief. Take the time to ponder these points this evening and in the weeks to come. Use your answers to devise your 10-day, 10-month and 5-year goals for 4th quarter and beyond.

4. Connect with your clients… and ask for referrals. Scott Stratten offered invaluable strategies for marketing to your clients and beyond. What strategies will you try? How can you incorporate his tips into your marketing?

What’s in store for tomorrow? You’ll have to wait and see! If you’re not attending, be sure to sign up for the last leg of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour in Toronto in November so you don’t miss what everyone’s talking about.