Need a Boost? These 7 Tips Will Supercharge Your Productivity

Because holiday’s over and you’ve got so much to do, so little time…

The holiday’s over. We had two whole days of bliss (which went away pretty fast). And now, the bleak reality is staring us in the face — we have just three days to get stuff done this week.

That’s too little time to deliver. And if you’re like a lot of people, you wouldn’t want your weekly productivity to take a hit, no matter how legit the reason is.

It’s safe to say, you’re going to be under some pressure to deliver this week. In fact, if you’re not careful, you’ll be “paying” for the two day Eid Mubarak holiday with your weekend.

Well, fear not, because we’ve got some crucial productivity tips to help you make the most of your remaining work week.

They’re quick, easy and can be implemented right away.

1. Schedule your most important task for the time of day when you work best

For most people, that time is first thing in the morning, either at home or upon arriving at work. If you put them off to later, you will get busy and run out of time to do them. Getting them out of the way will set you on a wave of momentum through the rest of the day.

2. If you are REALLY having a hard time focusing, set your phone on Airplane mode.

3. Say no to multitasking

It may be tough but you’ll discover that focused and “secluded” work will boost your productivity up several notches, way more than multitasking. The problem lies within our brain. Or rather, what multitasking is doing to our brains. Our brain is lying to us. Bouncing between many activities or tasks feels so fulfilling, because we feel like we’re actually getting more done. Yet we’re usually not. In fact, the term “multi-tasking” is a fallacy. We’re actually just task switching.

Seconds lost switching from task to task can add up, stealing a whopping 40% of our productivity in a day.

4. Make a plan

Before jumping into a project, write down a series of steps that you can check off one by one until the task is complete. This will also help your motivation and energy levels.

5. Plan what to wear throughout the week

The sages of the internet says, picking what to wear can drain your mental energy. (Don’t look at us, we didn’t write that article). It enables you focus on more important problem-solving tasks. So, pick what you’re going to wear for the remaining 3 days of the week ahead of time. If anything, it also informs you if you need to do some emergency laundry.

6. Get someone else to do your chores

The less time you spend away from work, problem solving, the more time and energy you have to get more work done. Outsource your chores if you have to.

7. Just start

The earlier you start, the better.

With these tips, your productivity shouldn’t dip too far below your weekly average. And you’ll meet your deliverables and impress your boss.


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