Preston continues to worry me

I’ve already written about some of Preston’s strange behaviours, but I’m really starting to wonder if he’s all here or not. Sometimes I’ll talk to him and he seems so put together, talking about the history of the Minutemen and how I’m bringing new hope to the wasteland by taking up the mantle with him. Ok, maybe that isn’t the best example.

But then other times…

Today I’m hacking a terminal in a train we ran across. I hate terminals. I hate hacking. But sometimes you have to do it to get to the good stuff. And this good stuff was another set of power armour in a locked cage.

Now if I was Preston I would think maybe this would be a good opportunity to watch my back. We are constantly running across one irradiated monster or another, and I was pretty absorbed trying to figure out this stupid terminal.

Instead, I turn around after hacking the terminal and opening the cage and Preston is trying to melt through a two-inch thick piece of steel with a blowtorch that looks about 200 years old. I’m not sure what his end game was because he would have had to cut a hole big enough to get the power armour through. It would have taken years. And even if he had managed to do that, he then would have had to cut a second hole the same size in the cage the armour was in.

He finally notices that I am watching and just nonchalantly walks away with no explanation.

I kinda wonder if he takes that blowtorch with him everywhere.