Relationships and You

Oh, relationships. Should I even bother writing an article?
Yes, take the advice/opinions of a girl who is a huge romantic, but who has never been in a healthy relationship. 
I love sex — that probably doesn’t help. 
My experience, in general, is that guys are super unpredictable. Just when you think they are predictable, they flip the script. My only advice comes in unwritten (although heavily written on my mind) letters to exes. That’s where I really learn, and face issues, and use failure to win. 
I feel like I just keep getting played. It’s hard to look at those little irritating — yet telling — behaviors, because you know no one is perfect, and ‘we can grow together!’ 
Or not. You could also just be super lazy and wonder why shit falls apart. So much head shaking. 
For the most part, people are unwilling to see their own faults. What a major problem in our country! Like, having faults or having weaknesses (which, duh, we all have) are the enemy — even though looking at them help us grow. 
Usually, I end up seeing in hindsight how much I put up with. A friend told me that that’s because we usually want to see the best in people. I think that’s a good thing! But it blinds you. You don’t want to be pessimistic, but you also don’t want to be gullible either. 
Balance! Yea….
“Easier said than done” is resounding in my ears with enormous volume. 
“But, he’s this and that…I can wait for this aspect to mature.” Until, it just doesn’t happen. 
Improvement only happens with communication: “Hey, you wanna hang tonight? I have a lot of topics of great importance to discuss.” “Um…I’m tired.” Yea, I don’t blame you — just hearing that would make me tired. 
So, what do you do? You just hope the conversation naturally unfolds; but it doesn’t. Now, any problems get exacerbated and you break up because you didn’t talk enough and didn’t get a chance to really get to know each other. (Eff. Can we do that talk now? Is it too late?)
Commence the water works! You get brilliant insight from your brain when your heart starts ripping in half. 
If you can’t talk about issues, then get out. 
There! I did it! I wrote an article about what I should have been doing all along.

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