How do you even start a blog? It’s been since high school back when LiveJournal and Xanga were popular. Sure I had a Tumblr for years but that wasn’t a blog. That was kept to basically reblog other people’s quotes and photos. Here goes nothing. I’m all in.

I’m 28 years old. I’ll be 29 in March. Everyone for the past year and a half has been focused on one thing: the presidential election and now the president-elect and his selections. I’ve been old enough to vote for 10 years, therefore the first time I voted, it was for Barack Obama back in 2008. It was a joyous occasion for me. I felt important. I felt like circling in my choice for POTUS had meaning. It was the first time in my life I really became interested in politics.

Obama became the first man of color to ever hold the position of POTUS. He was the voice the African American community wanted and needed. He was the voice of all the outcasts that felt like they didn’t matter. He was the voice of so many people. He achieved things over his 8 years that nobody ever thought was possible. Was everything he did perfect? Absolutely not.

His POTUS reign is coming to an end in January and the electoral college, not the people, elected a man that would rather persecute individuals over Twitter than actually focus on what America needs.

Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen. A man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos. A man who has bankrupted numerous of companies. A man who has sexually assaulted women. A man who is a reality television host. A man whose Twitter account got restricted from his use for fear of him saying something bad days before the election. America wanted THIS man?! This man who made millions of republicans step away from their Republican Party?!

Let’s get one thing straight here, however. I’m not going to riot. I’m not going to blast things that will cause an uproar over Facebook. I’m just going to hope that these next four years go by very quickly. I’m going to hope that these next four years don’t set the country back 50 years. I have things in my own life that I’m dealing with that I’ll talk about later. For now, I’ll just leave this here.