Cloud-Based Mobile Device Lab: How it helps Accelerating Time to Market and ROI

In Today’s scenario, organizations have various numbers of applications that need to be tested across multiple platforms, operating systems, and device types. It becomes very chaotic to maintain variety of mobile phones and tablets with the latest Android or iOS updates available across all makes and models for 24/7. There are various security concerns that arise for mobile cloud testing as well as data management and accessibility thus creating a complex situation.

Challenges in setting Cloud based Mobile Device Labs: The difficulties associated with such varying functionalities among applications cannot be an easy task to maintain. There are a large number of network and carrier combinations. Below are some examples:

i) Diversity in devices: There are a large number of network-and-carrier combinations, dynamic OEM, devices and OS combinations available in the market.

ii) Platform challenges: Frequent platform updates and releases, customization of platforms by OEMs.

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