Why is Website Security Testing Important for All?

Most websites, either owned by an individual, business or an organization, are not tested for their security. Many see it as an extra, extraneous or an inexcusable expense, quoting the fact that the website mainly has static content, has no sensitive information and doesn’t support financial transactions. Hence, there is no point investing in expensive website security testing, as their organization or business cannot be affected by insecurities.

Website Security Testing

But this is not true!

Even if your website does not contain any sensitive information, does not accept any personal or financial transactions, and has purely static content, you are still putting your website visitors’ and clients at danger.

Cyber criminals are not essentially interested in gaining admittance to your business and its confidential information. While you would always be a target but they are after your clients and customers. They want to get access to their computers and their details. And they can make use of the security vulnerabilities in your website to get that access.

More and more often, we see normal websites loading malicious software's onto the computers of innocent victims.

Cyber criminals scan the internet, look for websites that are insecure and load them with malicious software's (malware). This then is passed on to the computers of every visitor on your website. This process is known as ‘drive by attack’ where all the new visitors are exposed to issues such as credit card frauds, bank account skimming, and identity thefts.

So even if your organization is not affected directly by your website security problems, there is a huge amount of damage that can be inflicted on your customers and on passing visitors, for which you are to at blame partly.

In the US, this has reached a point, where the victims now are taking the website owners to courts for compensation. And whilst this may not be likely to chance in UK or elsewhere, there is surely a potential for it, mainly where an incident can be traced back to a particular website.

You should rightly take steps to prevent a person, who by simply looking at your premises, gets into danger or some injury. So who not take such a course of action in the virtual world of internet, where such damages can just so grave?

Websites need to be more than just attractive, efficient and great for marketing. They need to be secured enough to protect your business interests, your website visitors and your clients.

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