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Do you know how much money a flight to France costs with carrier escort? FYI, when Air Force One leaves US airspace, entire CARRIER groups go into action. I’m having issues with this “investigating journalist’s” figures. The only thing I have ever agreed with Trump was our news media has totally and completely ruined our views of our government. Because some political science major (dropout?) decided to write a piece because he or she felt inclined to make an uneducated, improperly researched, and false report based on his or her political ties. For God, Allah, Jesus, The flying Spaghetti Monster, and Zeus’s sake, PLEASE differentiate between an opinion piece, to pay your rent, and a research piece from a REAL journalist. The idiots in our country believe everything on the internet and TV are facts. You are causing the idiots to win against people of educated and thoughtful stances.

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