52 week “Life Word” challenge — 2. Feeling

I am challenging myself as an absolute novice writer with no idea about blogging to start discussing and reflecting about my journey with ‘Life Words’ each week.

Life words are words commonly used to express our thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand and connect with ourselves and with others to form deeper relationships. Yet, we are using these words understatedly, not realising the full value and power of Life Words. The power to change reality.
I am writing about Life Words to interpret into meaningful, honest and relatable context for deeper knowledge through my understanding and experience. My aim is to share and expand my ideas to connect with others and learn other perspectives of Life Words.

Life Word 2— Feelings

Feelings is our emotions to situations, environment and people. It tells us how we are perceiving the moment. This affects our thinking process and decision making. It allows us to express and share ourselves to connect with others. Feelings is part of three aspects that form our emotion; feelings, thoughts and behaviour that indicates how we experience the moment. What we feel can be generalised into six categories that make up our emotions — Anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. 
Why do we feel? So we can be alive! Experience life and the world. When we put feelings towards something or someone, it adds more meaning because we have invested and involved a part of ourselves. Putting ourselves out there. A sense of vulnerability. We feel to understand ourselves and others.

Our feelings should be experienced and acknowledged and bring awareness of the present emotion. Embrace the emotions then release them to act. When our feelings control us, it prevents us from moving forward with ourselves, our purpose or goals. You have the choice to decide how to feel in every decision and situation. No one can decide on how you feel or make you feel a certain way. It is your life, your feelings, your thinking and your emotions. You have the choice to react or respond. You have the choice to feel — positive or negative.

Thank you reading and please leave a comment about your experience of the Life Word.