52 week “Life Word” challenge — 12. Grateful

I am challenging myself as an absolute novice writer with no idea about blogging to start discussing and reflecting about my journey with ‘Life Words’ each week.

Life words are words commonly used to express our thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand and connect with ourself and with others to form deeper relationships. Yet, we are using these words understatedly, not realising the full value and power of Life Words. The power to change reality.
I am writing about Life Words to interpret into meaningful, honest and relatable context for deeper knowledge through my understanding and experience. My aim is to share and expand my ideas to connect with others and learn other perspectives of Life Words.

Life Word 12 — Grateful

Be grateful for what is given. To appreciate what others are giving up or sacrificing for us, to help us and to support us. However, we have seemed to take things for granted. It may be our materials, relationships and even life.

The things we use and have are easily disposed and replaced as we have little acknowledgement of their value. We have forgotten the value of things. We use it a few times then decide to remove it or forget it. We lack to find sentimental value or effort into the materials we obtain. Just a means for its purpose and no real sense of connection so we can detach from it whenever.

We take relationships for granted. We seem to not appreciate the time and effort needed to build trust and develop deep connection. Human connection. We have not recognized how important relationships and friendships are in life. How amazingly wonderful it is to have human connection that brings up emotional interactions. Relationships are not easily made and difficult to be replaced. We have seem to forgotten what relationships require. Physical, face-to-face time where we have given our finite time and energy for a person. To build trust, safety, comfort and openness to know the person. Nothing can replicate this authentic, true feeling of being in a relationship.

The emotional connection is what forms and grows the relationship through good and bad terms. We can not expect relationships to be created instantly. It takes time and patience. To be willingly intentional to see the person and find ways to have emotional connections with and also to be be aware when people spend their time and energy with us.

Be grateful for life. We have the belief that tomorrow is a definite so we make excuses which makes us fall short of being a most best self. Make the most of the day. We are not grateful for the opportunity to live another day. We expect the next day will come so we excuse ourself for today. Never expect tomorrow will come. If it does, be grateful to be living another day. Each day is different, so be different each day. The reality is that anything can happen, so make the most of today. We never know can happen today, the next day, the next week or the next month. Life is full of surprises. Make the day the most livable day you can by appreciating the moments of everyday life. Be deliberate and intentional. Feel and experience the moments like its your last and we will truly be grateful.

“If these were the last days, will I be happy with what I have done? Have I tried to be the best possible self Ican be?”

Be grateful for the things you have and do in life, down to the little or simplest things. Appreciate what they provide and recognize how it brings a sense of happiness and emotional connection. Take care and put the time and effort in relationships. Be patient and develop the relationship. Human connection and emotional connection is essential to relationships and life. Be grateful for what today will give us, what others will do for us and do the best to make an impact. Be grateful of life.

Thank you reading and please leave a comment about your experience of the Life Word.