52 week “Life Word” challenge — 47. Push

I am challenging myself as an absolute novice writer with no idea about blogging to start discussing and reflecting about my journey with ‘Life Words’ each week.

Life words are words commonly used to express our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to understand and connect with ourself and with others to form deeper relationships. Yet, we are using these words understatedly, not realizing the full value and power of Life Words. The power to change reality.
I am writing about Life Words to interpret into meaningful, honest and relatable context for deeper knowledge through my understanding and experience. My aim is to share and expand my ideas to connect with others and learn other perspectives of Life Words.

Life Word 47 — Push

We push for encouragement, we push to give help, we push to move. We push because we need the force to propel us and get us started to go. We struggle to have motivation and determination. We lack the energy to move each day so a push will provide momentum to move forward again and fight the negativity and doubt that intrudes our attention.

However, we procrastinate and distract ourself. We find the easy way by being complacent, tolerating and being comfortable with ourself.

We take comfort over success.

We’re constantly settling back and having excuses and reasons to elevate the necessary energy and discomfort. We seek the easiest route because we have a hard time working, commiting and sacrificing pleasure and comfort to reach our vision.

We can’t always rely on someone to push us. And there may not be anyone there to help us at times. It is our choice and decision to stop wasting our potential for greatness and push ourself to go and do what we desired to be. Push to completion. Go all in and push with all energy we have each day, chipping away what lies ahead of us. Comfort disrupts the momentum and allows us to take things for granted and denies us of growing, changing and going further

Push ourself to remind how much more we have to give and increase our capacity in our abilities.

Go beyond our own thinking and thoughts, rising up and taking courage to step closer to our purpose. We may not like it, we will struggle, we will fail and we will feel like a failure. However, we can embrace the journey and learn to continue by knowing we are on the right directions because it’s pushing us each to live.

Thank you reading and please leave a comment about your experience on the Life Word.