52 week “Life Word” challenge — 7. Strength

I am challenging myself as an absolute novice writer with no idea about blogging to start discussing and reflecting about my journey with ‘Life Words’ each week.

Life words are words commonly used to express our thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand and connect with ourselves and with others to form deeper relationships. Yet, we are using these words understatedly, not realising the full value and power of Life Words. The power to change reality.
I am writing about Life Words to interpret into meaningful, honest and relatable context for deeper knowledge through my understanding and experience. My aim is to share and expand my ideas to connect with others and learn other perspectives of Life Words.

Life Word 7— Strength

What is strength? There is a physical and mental strength that we have in life. Physical strength to push, pull, lift, throw, swing, etc. The movements. The action. Mental strength is the energy and power inside of us to keep us going, continue moving and taking further action.

Our physical strength can be increased in accordance to the situation or challenge. Demanding more from ourselves. We can improve our strength by training, learning, testing and experimenting. Challenge the physical strength for progression, to prepare and be ready for the next challenge that will stop you from moving forward. Increase strength with a purpose and intention. Be deliberate with the progression to know what level of strength is required to overcome the obstacles that are blocking the path. Build and improve the strength.

Our mental strength is no longer about improving, but knowing and believing in the physical strength we have. Our mind will always excuse us to prevent us, to stop us, to delay us or restrict us from moving past challenges. We have no capacity to our mental strength, unlike our physical strength. IF we truly believe we can and keep that thought deliberately, consciously and consistently, being fully committed, we will feel more mental strength by just thinking it and sticking to it.

Force and focus the mind to change for more strength. To demand the strength to continue to go forward. We control our mind. We control our strength. Have the confidence, the courage, the tenacity, the drive and the feeling on the mind. We have the strength to rise above all challenges when we tell our mind that we have trained, learned, tested and push ourselves beyond our limits. We have necessary strength to achieve any actions we desire. We are unstoppable when we tell our minds that.

Thank you reading and please leave a comment about your experience of the Life Word.