52 week “Life Word” challenge — 8. Weakness

I am challenging myself as an absolute novice writer with no idea about blogging to start discussing and reflecting about my journey with ‘Life Words’ each week.

Life words are words commonly used to express our thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand and connect with ourselves and with others to form deeper relationships. Yet, we are using these words understatedly, not realising the full value and power of Life Words. The power to change reality.
I am writing about Life Words to interpret into meaningful, honest and relatable context for deeper knowledge through my understanding and experience. My aim is to share and expand my ideas to connect with others and learn other perspectives of Life Words.

Life Word 8— Weakness

Weakness is what we lack in something. Attributes or skills that is not as strong as others. Something that we are not good at is often seen as a weakness. Physical weakness in something can be a struggle but easily resolved through help of others or improving our physical state. However, mental weakness has a deeper impact on our life.

We believe that certain weaknesses define us and we accept it to be who we are. It is our identity. This fixed mindset causes us to less likely move forward in life. We are struck believing that the weaknesses we have is our life… “I am bad at maths, I am bad with names, I am bad at sport”. We are malleable human beings, capable of changing and adapting. So too is our abilities, attributes, skills, behaviour or habits. Because we have tolerated the weaknesses and come into terms of accepting it as apart of who we are, not changing our beliefs and habits to improve or progress the weaknesses, we continue thinking that our life is defined… our life is set… our life is as is. Our weaknesses have created our life.

There is another way to see weakness. See weakness as an opportunity to learn, grow, change and improve for the better. Weakness is a chance to challenge ourself. We should not avoid it because we are afraid or scared of failure or knowing it will require us to endure pain, suffering or even sacrifice. We can change our beliefs on the weaknesses we have by changing the way we see ourself. Our identity is consistently changing — we need to learn, grow, adapt and improve to become stronger, better prepared for life and be our best self.

Change the perspective on weakness. Make the decision to believe weakness as a chance to improve or even discover the strength in the weakness. Find ways to make it become a strength. Work with people, look for opportunities where the weakness thrives and it is seen as a strength. Work with the weakness, not against it.

We have created bad habits and connotations around our weaknesses that has reduced our capacity to grow. We have limited our best potential with a fixed and negative mindset of the weaknesses we have accepted. We fear change. The solution… be open to change and embrace it with a growth mindset. Nothing is set or defined in our life. Learn. Grow. Change. Find ways to change the weakness and act on it to progress. We have the decision to change and to act. Believe that any area in life can be improved. Don’t fear. Just believe.

Thank you reading and please leave a comment about your experience of the Life Word.