The Spiral of Silence

Decisions making in general can be difficult because many people, especially me, are indecisive, have different views, opinions, or morals. The worst part is when the majority have an agreement on something, while only you out of everyone think otherwise. When this happens, you would just “go with the flow” or agree with the majority’s opinion in order to avoid being scolded, looked as some strange outcast, or other insults — the Spiral of Silence Theory. I still have difficulties to express my own opinions against everyone else because I assume that people would instantly start judging your way of thinking or mentality.

The concept of Groupthink (Janis, 1982) connects well with all of this because it involves cohesive group making decisions. One of its symptoms self-censorship, connects to the spiral of silence because it’s the idea that you are censoring yourself to fit into a group. It’s a shame that the individuals have to experience these, but it’s extremely common, even in politics. The sad thing is that there are illusions of morality coming from the majority’s opinion. Once someone realizes that more and more people start having the same agreement, he/she will perceive that they are morally right due to the everyone thinking the same, regardless of knowing that you may be wrong (majority opinion = best opinion). In this case, I believe that people do these things because they aren’t sure of what’s going on, and just “wing it” , putting themselves in risky situations.