Summary of Telegram Presentation from Group 6

Firstly, one reason why we should care about telegram is that it has simple UI (basically same as Whatsapp), which can bring a good UX. Plus, it can support multiple devices, and has desktop version (which Whatsapp don’t have). Telegram has an opened API and they can build any chat clients (like in desktop) which as fast as on the mobile devices. This is really a big plus for Telegram.

Second point is that Telegram is relatively faster and [possibly] more secure than Whatsapp. There are some feedback from Whatsapp users points out that after long time using, it has been getting slow, sometime the messages are not in the correct order, or the notifications will be delay in some minutes. On the other hand, Telegraph seems to be have never let users down like that. It needs more time to confirm this, but in general, Telegram did very well with their protocol. As I know, the marketers of Telegram are very confident about its security to offer $200,000 for who can break the backbone of Telegram communications. Moreover, Telegraph also supports user to create secret talk with end to end encrypted messages and also offers self-destruct option. That sounds interesting and I feel that I have to try it (I am Whatsapp’s user, and have never user Telegram before)

The last point is the bad thing of Telegram is that it is not popular (compared to Whatsapp, base on the number of users and installs). Actually I have never heard about Telegram before the presentation session, and I am sure that a lot of my friends in class also do not know about it before.

So, there are some of my original thoughts.

Compared to Telegram, Whatsapp is so huge. A instant messaging app is only as strong as the number of friends who are on it, and Whatsapp now is absolutely better than Telegram at this point. The reason maybe Whatsapp is first mover, or better marketing, users’ habit (always choose more well-known app to use). In my opinion, Telegram should make other feature that make it a really different from Whatsapp, such as voice calling (which has been done by Whatsapp), or even Video calling. Moreover, Telegram needs a more better and different ways of marketing to make it more popular and gain more reputation from community.