What I hope to learn in CS3216

  1. Build a real thing from scratch

I started learning web development since last year and now I can feel that I have learned a lots. Moreover after the previous summer doing internship with front-end side, I had a lot of chances to practice and experience with web development. However, it is just a beginning, and I still have a lots of things to learn. This module is the best place for me to do that.

2. Entrepreneurial thinking and experience:

I do not intend to become a entrepreneurial, however, it is still very interesting to try. In order to success in software world, coding skill is not enough. Other skills like marketing, making user survey, raising sponsor and invest are also extremely important. I hope that I will enhance these skills after this course.

3. Teamwork:

By working in a team and various team for each projects, I will have chances to meet and work with great students, and I hope that I will learn somethings from them as well as help them to improve their weakness.

Looking forward to the start of class!

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