It’s always easy to blame somebody for not doing a good job as you expected them to.

It’s even easier to think you have done your best and other party hasn’t.

It’s also feel good but you can take off the responsibility on your shoulder, while looking at the other party takes on more.


What if there are some hidden stories you did not know yet, which cause your spouse/siblings/parents/partner/child did what he/she did.

What if the real reason is they are trying to protect you.

What if they are also struggling with their life in some certain way.

So it’s not fair when you blame someone before

… knowing the real reason, and their side of the stories.

… knowing the struggle they are having, which you may could help if you could look beyond what they did wrongly.

…. thinking about how they feel and how they would react when receive your judgement.

You may just push someone further away from you, with an act so selfish that it just makes you feel good while leaving other becomes miserable.

Life is already hard for most of us, don’t be the reason to make it harder for someone you care.

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