Virtual Reality Racing Simulator Games Review

Once you have your feet on the pedals and hands on the wheel of any of the following racing cars, you will definitely want to buy your own and practice your driving skills because of the realistic features, endless maps to explore and heightened racing sensation. With the options of single or multi-player modes available online, you will never get bored. The freedom to choose which track or environment you want to rally in adds to the unforgettable moments.

Project Cars

This is an ultimate driving game created, tested and given thumbs up by a passionate community of racing enthusiasts and real drivers too. This game has taken car racing simulation to the next level as it combines fans’ desire and developers expertise and experience. The experience is fantastic, fueled by classic graphics and handling that enables you feel the real road. You can play the game online with an option to chose your favorite car from a huge variety and write your own story in an intense online racing.

Project Cars features the largest track-roasters making it a decent game with groundbreaking weather system, time of day, pit-stop functionality, deep turning and supports 12K ULTRA-HD resolution with includes Rift which keeps the game on the edge of competitors. To rise through the ranks swiftly, explore the sandbox career-mode which will help you master unprecedented motorsports and track rosters.


  • Operating System(OS) Recommended, Windows 7 having the latest driver packs though it can play on Windows Vista.
  • Processor; 3.5GHz Intel Core i7–3700 or 4.0GHz AMD-FX 8350 or a 2.66GHz Quad Core Q8400.
  • Graphics; GT600, AMD-Radeon HD7000 series.
  • DirectX; Version 11 or Version 9.
  • Network; BIC(Broadband Internet Connection)
  • Storage space; 25GB.
  • Sound Card; A compatible DirectX sound card.

Project Cars 2

Created by professionals and tested by enthusiastic gamers and real-drivers in order to guarantee real road experience.

VR Support and equipped with full 12K.

180 plus road cars and elite brand races.

Real-time handling, handling experience and vehicle performances that match the weather and surface conditions.

Loose racing surfaces featuring mud, ice and dirt!

Twenty-four-hour cycles accompanied by real-time atmosphere and seasonal ambiance.

The game has a wide range of wheel support and accessible gamepad which makes the handling a bit easier.

Features all new motorsports, for instance, Oval racing, Indycar and Rallycross.


  • Operating System(OS); Exclusively Windows 10.
  • Processor; 3.5GHz Core i53450, 4.0GHz AMD-FX8350 or Intel i7 6700K.
  • Random Access Memory; 8GB but works best on The 16GB.
  • Graphics; NvidiaGTX-1080,AMD Radeon RX-480 and GTX680 or an equivalent.
  • DirectX; Version11.
  • Network; Broadband Internet Connection.
  • Storage space; Minimum 50GB.
  • Sound card; Any DirectX compatible sound card.

Assetto Corsa

This game features DirectX 11 graphics that create a subtle environment, realistic materials, dynamic lightning and surfaces. The game includes mind-blowing features such as heat cycles, Tyre flat spots, blistering, graining, aerodynamic simulation in real-time and hybrid systems with energy recovery modes. All these qualities make this game a great option for solo performers or multi-player options.

Assetto Corsa developers are located in KUNOS R and D offices just inside the racing circuit of Vallelunga allowing them to work with the best drivers who assist in fine-tuning the simulation game.

Assetto Corsa is compatible with any type of gaming device; joypads, keyboard, steering wheel, joystick or any device used motion system. It also features exclusive cars that are officially licensed. They include BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, McLaren, Scuderia, Pagani, Porsche and many more.


To guarantee the highest level of accuracy, the whole circuit was developed using laser-scan technology. This also creates realistic racing environments such as the Silverstone, Monza, Mugello and the legendary 1961 Sopraelevata among others.


  • Operating System(OS); Windows7 Sp1–8–8.1–10.
  • Processor; Quad Core, AMD Six core or an Intel duo core 2.4GHz CPU.
  • RAM; either a 2GB or 6GB for maximum effect.
  • Graphics; DirectX11 or 10.1 version.
  • Network; Broadband Internet Connection.
  • Storage; An available space of 15GB.
  • Sound Card; PC’s Manufacturers/integrated.

rFactor 2

If you are looking for a realistic and easily expandable simulation game look no further than the rFactor 2. It offers the latest vehicles, great graphics, super-multiplayer modes and ultimate height of realism. It also includes mixed roads with realistic dynamics and immersed soundtracks for each environment. It can run for 24 hours nonstop because the driver swap is supported. rFactor has featured in hundreds of eSport championships, Formula E and Maclaren’s for instance. This racing game is advanced every year so be sure you are in for a great trip.


  • Complex but swift aerodynamics.
  • Turbo models and engine boost.
  • Effective surface grip, evenly painted road marks and dynamic surface condition.
  • Compatible with multi-core CPUs.
  • Detailed bump modeling, cockpit vibration, advanced engine and head physics.
  • Real-time gaming experience featuring day and night lighting transition.


  • Operating System(OS); Runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 with the latest driver packs.
  • Processor; 2.8GHz Intel duo core or a 3.0GHz AMD FX/Athlon ll·2.
  • Memory; 4GB and 8GB.
  • Graphics; AMD Radeon-5750 or GTX 760.
  • DirectX; Version9.0c or 11 for best effects.
  • Network; Broadband Internet Connection
  • Storage space; 30GB.
  • Sound Card; Any DirectX compatible.

LFS-Live For Speed

This racing game has been developed by a dedicated team since 2002 seeing it break record after record when it comes to handling and realism. The LFS aims to give a thrilling sensation that comes with motorsports through simulating all aspects of racing. A variety of racing tracks and cars just add to the thrill. The demo allows you to access three cars and one environment having both the Rallycross track and a road. Of the 3 cars, one will be a front wheel drive-hatchback, a single-seater formula BMW and a rear wheel drive car.

Once you get the S3 license, you’ll have full access to other 6racing environments and a total of 17 other cars.


  • LFS is great because it’s compatible with almost any PC.
  • Operating System(OS); Any Windows model starting from Windows 98-ME/2000/XP with the latest driver packs.
  • RAM; Just 128MB.
  • GPU; 16MB.
  • Sound; DirectX compatible.
  • Network; Internet connection.
  • Recommended Control units; Mouse and Keyboard.

Advanced Dirt Rally

This game is not at the bottom intentionally or for whatever reasons. It’s one of the most authentic and thrilling games to be ever created. The rallying community has tested this simulator for eighty million miles to ensure only the best is availed to the gaming enthusiasts community. It features solo and intense multiplayer modes and has licensed Rallycross contents allowing you to have a feel of high-speed thrills and breathless experience that come with fastest off-road car-models.

Dirt Rally features more than 40 iconic cars that perfectly match and make sense on the surface they run on. It also allows you to repair, upgrade, tune, setup or alter the dimensions your way! The control system is uncompromised because the handling gives a tangible feel when you race across changing road surfaces. The different suspension, differential, turbo and engine mapping systems add to the racing experience.


  • Runs smoothly on MAC OS-X, Windows and SteamOS plus Linux. For Windows, a 64bit OS for either Win7, 8 or 10 is recommended.
  • RAM; a minimum of 4GB but 8GB is recommended.
  • Graphics; AMD-HD5450, NVIDIA-GT430 or GTX780.
  • Processor; Core i5 4670K or AMD-FX series on core i3.
  • Sound; DirectX version11 compatible.
  • Storage space; 50GB.


Simulation games are not just time passers, they add to your driving experience making you better than ever before. All the discussed simulation games discussed above improve your visual motor-control, and they perfectly nailed realistic driving experience and physics!

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