“Girl Rules”

Six Weeks Old:
The age of my daughter the first time a man made a blow-job joke about her. She was mouthing a toy.

Four years old:
The first time someone makes an “oo-laa-laa” joke about seeing my daughter’s underwear.

Six years Old:
The age my daughter is when someone makes a comment about her being “topless.” As if her prepubescent body needed to be covered.

12 years old.
The age I was when my boyfriend asked if he could see my boobs and broke up with me when I said no. “You’re the only one with boobs in our grade though…”

13 years old.
The age I was the first time someone called me a “slut.” I was wearing a tank top in the 90 degree heat in the dead of summer. It was an adult.

The Girl With the Book Tattoo

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