Reasons to Hire Scaffold Towers Instead of Ladders

In many projects, the scaffold has proven to be more advantageous than ladders, thanks to the features it provides. Instead of buying scaffolding directly, many companies prefer scaffolding hire companies to get the job done. One of the best scaffolding units to use these days is the scaffold tower. Compared to a ladder, scaffold towers are safer, more stable and allow operators to reach places not possible by a simple ladder. For those still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why they should look for scaffold towers from a scaffolding hire company.

· Easily manoeuvrable

Scaffold towers come with wheels which allow operators to change the position as well as the location of the tower quite easily. Hiring modern modular scaffolding from scaffolding hire companies to enable workers to erect, use and dismantle a tower quickly and easily. This saves a lot of labour costs and time which is important for many projects.

· Highly adaptable

By using scaffold towers, complicated jobs such as painting, de-guttering and others are made pretty easy. They can easily provide access to hard-to-reach areas, thanks to their modular design. This can produce significant cost savings by allowing projects to be completed faster. This is one of the reasons why construction companies with strict deadlines employ scaffold towers.

· Enhanced safety

Scaffolding towers are built with safety in mind. This is because they are equipped with a platform which allows operators and workers to move freely, with all the tools at their disposal. The tower can also stay erected for a long period of time and doesn’t require moving and repositioning. These towers can also be used with minimum training and assistance. Depending on the scaffold hire company, the scaffold tower one chooses may come with sturdy guardrails and safety bars for added protection. This is radically different from a ladder which would always require some sort of support and stable ground to work.

· Improved stability

Most scaffolding towers are designed with a durable and strong frame which ensures that it gets reliable support. It also has to withstand the weight of operators, and the tools in use. They also have a very user-friendly assembly process which can be completed without requiring any kind of specialised knowledge. In case there is no level ground to install the tower, additional leg extensions can be used to keep the tower at the right level.

· Cost savings

If the project has a one-time requirement for scaffolding towers, it is not a good idea to invest directly in them. Instead, they can go to scaffolding hire companies who can offer these parts for hire. Professional scaffolding companies provide the best quality scaffolding for hire, which can be used and then returned when the project is completed.


For most project managers and owners, investing in scaffolding involved a lot of financial expense that they may not be ready for. On the other hand, hiring scaffolding is a cost-effective way to get the job done within a deadline without breaking the bank.



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