Create a Floor Plan before constructing a Building, Here’s Why.

A floor diagram can be defined as the linear diagram of a proposed room or house viewed from the top. The depiction of the floor plan varies on the demand of the client and architects make it keeping in mind the requirements of the client.

As much as a client might deem it to unnecessary, a floor plan is an essential part of the construction work and should be a mandatory document to be produced to the client before building a home.

Here are a few reasons why a floor plan should be compulsory before construction of the building:

Client understanding: Client who come with a demand of building a home, might or might not have a fair creativity on verbal descriptions of the interiors of the home. A floor plan provides clear view and walk through of how exactly every element of the house will be placed. Hence, It is deemed necessary to have a floor plan ready before starting the actual construction of the home.

Technical clarification for Contractors: Since the builders/architects cannot be physically present at the site of construction at all times to direct the work towards the contractors, the floor plan provides a fair idea of the flowchart that they need to follow in order to construct the whole house.

Builder’s ready reference: A floor plan not only provides clarification to the client and the contractors but also to the architect/builder himself. The walk through of the floor plan can easily make a ready reference for the builder/architect and in case of any queries by the contractor or resident, he can easily refer to the floor plan. Moreover, in case after making the floor plan the planner feels that the there are any changes required then it is easier to do it on paper than on a live site.

Clear cut dimensions: While making a floor plan it is important to keep in mind the exact way in which it will suitable for the resident of the home to move and place the things of daily need accordingly.

Priority setting: In case after the layout of the floor plan is made and shown to the prospective owners of the house, and they need some changes as per their own priority, then the same can easily be made before physical application of the work on the site. For example the owners want the location of the bathtub to change suiting their needs then it is beneficial to do it on paper before the plumbing line is laid out on the site.