Providing Jobs for the Unemployed in Rural Areas

According to a survey done by the National Statistics Office, Mindanao has an unemployed rate 26.6%. This calls for urgency in creating jobs for our fellow Filipinos.

As we all know, Ulticon Builders is a Triple A Mindanao-based construction company that aims to help their fellowmen. They hire workers for every project that they are given. Whenever UBI have projects in rural areas, they hire locals within the area to help with their income.

Engineers together with other key departments like Admin on the other hand, have an on-going employment with Ulticon. This is so to help keep the standard of the work and management.

In the process of creating and maintaining roads, bridges, piers and the like, an average of thirty to seventy laborers get hired for every project. To rush the removal of the existence of UBI bribe in the employees, the workers get an appointment paper and are only project-based. Meaning — the job of the laborers are bound with the project. Nonetheless, employment from UBI may continue for a hired worker if another project is going to be done in the sector.

Carlos Gonzalez, Head of Ulticon, will always be passionate in helping Filipinos provide for their family, and in doing so, the job creation it comes with give way for our economy progress.