ULTICON BUILDERS, INC., : Building Farm to Market Roads since 1996

In 1996, Ulticon Builders building Farm to Market Roads(FMR). Ulticons first project was the Rehabilitation of Sangay at Simbalan Road in Sangay and Olave, Buenavista, Agusan Del Norte. It started on July 5 and was completed on September 16, 1996 with a budget of P4,942,420.00.

Since then, Ulticon Builders Inc., has been one of the top contractor companies because of the build of new FMRs and repaired or upgraded existing ones. These Farm to Market Roads are usually located in Regions 11 and 10 particularly in Kapatagan, Samal, Lamanan, Bansalan, Calinan, Lacson, and Bukidnon.

People in the different regions in Mindanao suffered greatly because of lack of roads before the increase in the rate of construction of FMRs. Caused by the long travel time needed to deliver them from the farm to the town markets, farmers had to endure financial losses. Because of the condition of roads, residents faced dangers such as vehicular accidents causing injuries or even deaths. Number of employment opportunities is limited because of the difficulty to travel from one town to another.

These dilemmas were addressed continuously that the Government has been allotting to the construction of FMRs. Ulticon Builders Inc., has given the opportunity to help the residents in the rural areas by constructing high quality FMRs.

Poverty is decreasing in every rural community because of the FMR. It encourages agricultural activities by providing easier access to markets. It also makes the education more accessible to children from rural areas and easier access to schools. With the help of Ulticon there are a lot of accessibility of non-agricultural employment opportunities in other places.

Ulticon Builders helps the process of nation building. When they constructed FMR, they knew that they can help many people and create greater opportunities to a clear path to nation building. And this is always the goal of the Ulticon Builders INC.