Ulticon Builders Sportsfest 2014

The Ulticon Builders Sportsfest was a triumphant event. The company decided to give their employees a well-deserved sportsfest to improve their employees’ performance. This sportsfest will not only acuminate and develop their employees’ performance and productivity hence it will also shape their character. This event is the company’s way of attaining the Ulticon CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility to their workers/employees.

This yearly event jump started last year. The favorite activity of the majority was the cheering competition but there are other activities too such as Volleyball, Basketball, Ping-Pong, Badminton, and Bowling. Approximately, all of the sports related activities were held at UBI Compound located in Ma-a Davao City except Bowling and Badminton which was held at NCCC Mall and Smash ‘N Drop Badminton Court.

You could feel the pressure and the amusement of each player and participant as you watched the whole organized event. All the players were very competitive to win in their respective games. All of the competitive players were provided with packed lunch , Gatorade, and proper uniforms for the event.

The purpose of this Company’s CSR was to promote camaraderie and to teach the employees to work together in accomplishing one goal. To avoid biases, winners get a trophy with a bragging rights the whole year long.

Ulticon Builders believe that you should take care of your employees and give them importance for holistic growth. For us, healthy relationships matter. Till the next sportsfest!