Hiring “Builders”
Craig Hanson

Perhaps too, builders are often not in the location where their being searched; and do not visibly appear as one would think. In other words, the requirements of a great builder often is at odds with those who believing they should look or act a certain way with a specific pedigree.

As an example: Say you walked into a late night diner and sat at the counter ordering a slice of pie and cup of coffee. You notice a table of 8 sitting together in white lab coats; and an older lady eating alone in the corner. You suddenly choke on your food and cannot breath. You have an immediate need for someone to help you breath (or a builder to orchestrate a company).

Surely the presumed best people to help would be the white-coats. They’re actually medical lab technicians, radiologists, pharmacists, physician assistants, and neurosurgeons. They all have a great education, went to Ivy league schools, good internships, residency and career medical professionals (entrepreneurs) with great futures.

But unfortunately, none of that is what you ‘really’ need (regardless of ‘wants’). They may work in the best tech hospitals, have great acumen and talent, experience and have cultural fit.

But what’s missing is the ‘real’ need to find someone (regardless of resume or past performance) to dislodge your peach pie from your throat. A Heimlich maneuver needs to be the common mission over a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation of what could be done.

The ability to not filter out the older registered nurse is the harder answer (no team, no pitch, no executive summary, no traction, term sheet, competitive model). She’s done it many times however. Responds and reacts quickly … but doesn’t fit the mold. Does it really matter if the builder looks, acts and sounds perfect … or just be perfect? Moral: Prioritize your needs and find the one person who fits the top priority.

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