How Chat Bots will manage teams in market networks (c) 2016 Build Me This App

How Chat Bots will manage teams in market networks

Facebook is going to announce the release of Messenger SDK / Chat SDK. With this release the social network could start transforming to a large market network, as written last week.

Market networks are structured software for rather complex forms of work, like lawyers, architects, wedding planning. Honeybook for example is a market network for weddings. A successful wedding involves several different parties collaborating.

We believe that chat interfaces will be the primary UI element to coordinate, manage and review teams in market networks. There are several reasons, why chat is so powerful:

  • Chat is written and can be much more structured than telephone calls
  • Chat is real time communication instead of emails
  • Group chat is a powerful feature to power collaboration.

Today, we publish some insights from Build Me This App (BMTA), a market network for software development, to show how we manage teams at scale with chat bots.

With BMTA we enable our community of software developers to make use of their free time (5PM to 2AM) to build apps for the top 500 startups in Europe.

Stakeholders in BMTA Market Network

(c) 2016 Build Me This App

There are several different stakeholders involved in the execution of a project.

Demand: The Startup

  • CEO (roles: idea, budget, strategy)
  • CTO (roles: operation on the demand side)

Supply: Build Me This App (Market network for software development)

  • Sales Engineer (roles: structuring the idea, quote)
  • Project Manager (roles: operation on the supply side, structuring the team, communication between client and developers)
  • Developer 1 to n (roles: operation on the supply side, developing the project)

Timeline of communications among stakeholders

From beginning to end of a project (from idea to app store) those stakeholders are communicating with each other through various platforms. Usually those communications are all offline or on/offline and therefore quite unstructured and not supervised.

(c) 2016 Build Me This App Timeline of Communications

In the offline world there are a lot of more complicated products, like weddings or software development, which require a team to collaborate over a longer time horizon.

Even though each software project is different, in every software project there is 70% — 80% redundant communication among stakeholders.

Moreover all the time mistakes are made because of wrong communications and lack of transparency.

For example it is happening very often that the CTO is missing to provide API keys for a software to plug in to the core software. This deadline is forgotten by the project manager. Therefore the developer can’t finish his job. Communication is usually direct between the different parties involved. There is not so much group discussion. Slack did increase productivity by giving people the possibility to follow and search the whole discussion.

The opportunity to manage teams: Chat bots

A chat bot system as a meta layer could improve efficiency to manage teams a lot. Imagine every direct message stakeholder communication is no longer a direct message, but a group message.

(c) 2016 Build Me This App — Chat Bot Group Messaging Meta Layer

We are currently developing an intelligent meta layer chat bot system, which is working multi-platform in order to build a system of shared knowledge to increase productivity of every new software project.

Imagine a market network, which would get smarter with every completed software project.

This layer of knowledge and notifications around messaging is just evolvin and will help the category of market networks to truely evolve over the next years.

Chat Bot Frameworks released in the last weeks

We are really curious about the different bot frameworks released in the last weeks and we will give more updates about deploying several different chatbots in all those different frameworks.

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